Transferring the Blog From Wordpress to GitHub Pages

I have raised more than my fair share of blogs in these few years, most of which never made it past 3 blog posts. However, the latest blog I cooked up on WordPress has had some sustained (albeit slow-going and inconsistent) traction.

It’s a rare nexus at which to find oneself, no shortage of topics to write about and to react to and a burning desire to do so. I spend enough time using Visual Studio Code and GitHub that while I could have kept going with using WordPress for blogging, it made sense to integrate it into my existing day-to-day systems. To me, it also feels more acceptable to write longer-than-tweet-threads yet shorter-than-Atlantic-articles reaction posts on GitHub Pages than WordPress and I look forward to opening myself up to more of those opportunities. I’m still tinkering around with a lot on my little corner of the internet, but this is a lovely leap forward.